Sherri Smith Associate / Design Technology Manager

5 things you need to know about me ...and 5 things you don't

1. Let’s go to Kauai!

Worked on the Koa Kea Hotel and Resort.

2. “How Old Are You Now?”

Started working for PVA before the millennium.

3. Home Sweet Home

Primary focus is on custom residential projects.

4. The Genius Bar is Open

Became the IT manager at PVA, purely by accident.

5. I Left My Heart in San Franicso…

Worked for EHDD (Esherick Homsey Dodge & Davis)  in San Francisco.


1. Totan Roofs & Mendo Boards

Has an affinity for local vernacular architecture.

2. Got Coffee?

Enjoys a good latte.

3. If the Shoe Fits…

May be willing to do some shoe-shopping therapy.

4. Warning: Gift Not Included

Is a collector of unique boxes.

5. Miss Travel Guide

Meticulously organizes vacation itineraries.